This is the "Schools Page" of this Indigo site. If you are a school and you wonder how your name got here, it was due to a parent or teacher at your institution who recommended it. It does not mean that you buy into any weird idea of their being a new type of strange, psychic kid on the earth, or that your school endorses anything on this website or on the many documentaries and movies that have been released recently regarding the Indigo Children. It simply means that you have a school that honors children in their life's path, and that someone thought enough to put you on this list. If, however, you don't want to be included, just let us know and we will remove you (contact at the bottom of this page).

In the first Indigo book, we supplied suggestions regarding two existing worldwide alternate schooling systems for the Indigo children. This page not only identifies each of them, but gives you many, many more from other sources.

By "alternate," we meant an alternative choice from existing systems that are in-place but failing to see the changing needs of the new children. Not all public schools are poor for Indigos, and we have actually seen tremendous changes of awareness in isolated (usually smaller) schools due to an advanced thinking superintendent, or a system which allows the teachers great flexibility.

We celebrate these efforts, but alas, this is not the norm. We told you that ultimately we'd like to have a list of schools all over the world, listed by country and city. This web page is a start to that, providing a way to view expanded or NEW information.

Now, this is where YOU come in. If you feel there are some existing systems that we should have included, or you have information about wonderful Indigo-type schools in your city, go ahead and Email us. If your suggestion is viable, then we will include it on this web site. The list of schools from readership is the last section on this page

JUST FOR PARENTS: (2007) We are a new community website providing tools to parents for finding like-minded parents, either locally or online, to create parenting groups (ex: playgroups, moms groups), to exchange children activity suggestions, or to give or receive parenting advice.

HOME SCHOOLING! Many of you have endorsed homeschooling as a viable alternative for anything you would see below. We agree! Not all can do this, however, but if you are interested, start here:

Homeschool Curriculum
Enki Education is a unique and innovative approach: a multicultural, arts-integrated classroom & homeschool curriculum. For parents and teachers we offer consultations, conferences & discussion groups.

There are also many homeschooling magazines available. Just go to and type in "homeschooling magazines." for Waldorf inspired homeschooling Washington Homeschooling Support Group Alternate Learning organization, featuring Homeschooling The Caribbean Center of Home Education Resources


The Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO)

The AERO is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by education expert Jerry Mintz to advance learner-centered approaches to education. AERO is considered by many to be the primary hub of communications and support for educational alternatives around the world. AERO provides information, resources and guidance to families, schools and organizations regarding their educational choices. AERO advises on topics such as: home schooling, public and private alternative schools, and charter schools.

Something Good in the World, Inc.

Something Good in the World, Inc. is an affiliated group of concerned teachers and parents seeking to improve the situation of education in America. As a team, we bring together our collective experience and knowledge to try to offer the best possible educational alternatives for children, teachers, and parents.

Something Good in the World, Inc. provides services to the public in the form of educational programs for children of all ages and backgrounds. These programs include a wide variety of extracurricular, alternative, and curriculum-based programs, in schools and outdoors, in private and public spaces that extend to homeschooled children, children with learning differences and children in underserved areas. The activities range from academic arts-integrated and outdoor education programs for Pre-K through Grade 12, to creative arts workshops and field trips for teens, to music and storytelling for families, to community garden and landscape projects for all ages.

Consciousness-Based Education Association

The Consciousness-Based Education Association (CBEA) is a non-profit, educational organization that provides practical, scientifically validated educational programs, technologies, and consulting services for new schools, existing schools, and after-school organizations.

CBEA offers Consciousness-Based education (CBESM) to enliven the full creative potential and inner happiness of every student and teacher, eliminate stress, and enliven total brain functioning. The key technologies of this program are the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® programs.

Last updated - March 2008



As Written in the Indigo Children Book: A Review
What kind of school would be an alternate, you might ask? The main attributes of such schools are easy to spot and very fundamental. They are as follows:
  1. The students are honored, not the system.
  2. The students are offered reasonable choice regarding how the lessons are presented, and at what speed.
  3. The curriculum is flexible from class to class, often changing due to WHO is doing the LEARNING in a certain group.
  4. The children and teachers are responsible for setting the learning standard, not the system.
  5. Teachers have great autonomy within their own student groups.
  6. Old educational paradigms are not worshiped. New ideas are welcome.
  7. Tests are constantly changed and re-worked to fit the skills and awareness of the information being taught and absorbed. (Nothing is worse than a very bright child taking an old test that is far beneath them. They often will misunderstand or discard it mentally, and therefore fail it. The tests must evolve with the student's awareness.)
  8. A constantly changing way of doing things is the norm throughout the history of the institution.
  9. It's probably controversial.
In the book we mentioned two systems that have come to our attention: This web site will allow you to preview their locations, and is very current (since it often takes you to their sites). There are also a few more that have come in that we have checked out.

The Montessori Schools
"Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize,
but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his inmost core."

Maria Montessori

The Montessori school system is perhaps the most widely known school of its type. With a lineage that started in Rome with Dr. Montessori's day care center in 1907, these wonderful schools blossomed into an American nationwide system of licensed schools and educators that feature children as "independent learners." The American Montessori Society (AMS) was eventually founded in 1960. Their unique application of revolutionary teaching methods seems to have been written to match what we have all been describing as necessary for the Indigo children's education.

Associations and SchoolsAmerican Montessori Society (AMS):
281 Park Avenue South (6th floor); New York, NY 10010
(212) 358-1250

Montessori Society web site
(click on states of your choice for the appropriate link)

Click here to find Montessori schools in America

Another way to find Montessori Schools:

Montessori Schools in the world:
International Listings


Association Montessori United States (AIM):
410 Alexander Street, Rochester, NY 14607-1028
Telephone: (716) 461-5920 Fax: (716) 461-0075
Toll Free: (800) 872-2643
Montessori Association web site USA

The United Montessori Association

15050 Washington Avenue, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-1112
Toll Free: 1.866.uma.1988
Seattle: 206.842.0952
Fax: 425.952.9415

Association Montessori Internationale (AIM):

Head Office
Koninginneweg 161, 1075 CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 679 8932 Fax: +31 20 676 7341
Montessori Association web site International

The National Center for Montessori Education (NCME):

4043 Pepperwood Court, Suite 1012
Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: 707-938-3818 - Fax: 707-996-7901
The National Center for Montessori Education

Montessori Connections - The Website for the Montessori Community:

Montessori Connections

The Waldorf School / Rudolf Steiner School
"Waldorf Schools are in the most impressive way concerned with quality in
education. All schools would do well to become knowledgeable about
the philosophy that underlies Waldorf education."
Dr. Boyer - Director of the Carnegie Foundation for Education

In the year 1919, the first Waldorf school in the world opened in Stuttgart, Germany. The first Waldorf school in North America, the Rudolf Steiner School of New York, was opened in 1928. Today it is reported that the Waldorf education is the largest and fastest growing nonsectarian educational movement in the world, with 550 schools in over thirty countries. The movement is very strong in Western Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and in the Netherlands, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries. There are approximately 100 schools in North America.

"Entering a Waldorf school is like passing through Alice's looking-glass into an educational Wonderland. It is a surprising, sometimes disorienting world of fairy tales, myths and legends, of music, art, physics demonstrations, class plays and seasonal festivals, of workbooks written and illustrated by students, a world without exams, grades, computers or televisions. It is, in short, a world where most of the standard ideas and practices of American Education have been stood on their heads."

(More information in the book)

Association of Waldorf Schools of North America
3911 Bannister Rd.; Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 961-0927
Waldorf Schools web site

Click the button to the left to see a discussion by Donald Bufano, Chairman of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, on "Waldorf Education and the Indigo Child."
Click the button to the left to download a .pdf file entitled, "The Waldorf Approach to Attention Related Disorders."

Waldorf Schools in the world
(click on areas of your choice for the appropriate link)

(not in the Indigo book)

The Sudbury Valley School: 2 Winch Street; Framingham, MA 01701
(508) 788-0674 Sudbury Schools web site e-mail:

"In 1968 a unique experimental school was established in Framingham, Massachusetts. Sudbury Valley School, which is open to students ages 4 to 19, has pioneered a number of highly innovative practices. Its work has gained wide recognition, and it has the distinction of being the first such school ever to be fully accredited.

One of the most interesting aspects of Sudbury Valley is its attitude toward learning. The school starts from a premise stated by Aristotle over 2000 years ago in his famous opening to the Metaphysics: 'Human Beings are naturally curious.' This implies that people learn constantly, as an innate part of living. It means also that children will learn through following their natural inclinations, doing what they want with their time, all day, every day. Regardless of their ages, from the moment students enter the school, they are on their own, forced to take responsibility for themselves and make all the tough decisions that will determine the course of their lives." *

* From the book Free at Last - The Sudbury Valley School - by Daniel Greenberg

Here it is: Information from interested parents and teachers about
schools and school systems that either match the criteria we have stated for Indigos, or that come very close to it. If you are a school official, and you wonder how your school's name got here, it's due entirely to a parent or teacher or personally took the time to reccommend it from personal experience.

(Our thanks to the general public for your help)
Updated Sept 2007

UNITED STATES (by state): 

Pine Forest Charter School
1120 W. Kaibab Ln
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Phone: 520/779-9880

Cedarwood Sudbury School
2545 Warburton Avenue,
Santa Clara, CA 95051
PH 408/296-2072

Diablo Valley School
2924 Clayton Road
Concord, CA 94519
phone: 925/676-2982

The Orchard School
2288 Trout Gulch Rd.
Aptos, CA 95003
phone: 831/688-1074

Oak Grove School
of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America
220 West Lomita Avenue
Ojai, California 93023
phone: 805/646-8236

Play Mountain Place
6063 Hargis Street
Los Angeles, CA 90034
PH 323/870-4381

Wildwood School
12201 Washington Place
Los Angeles, CA 90066
PH 310/397-3134

Big Rock Sudbury School
1055 Las Ovejas Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94903
PH 415/472-3009

EnCompass Education Center
11011 Tyler Foote Rd
Nevada City, CA 95959
Phone: 530/292-1000

Santa Rosa Charter School
1835 West Steele Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: 707/547-2480

Rainbow Kids Integral Preschool
11345 Zapata Avenue
San Diego, CA 92126
PH 858/271-6985

Integral Elementary School
8660 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037
PH: 858/450-4321

Mount Madonna School
445 Summit Rd
Watsonville, CA
PH: 408/847-2717
Fax: 408/847-5633

Pacifica Community Charter School
3754 Dunn Drive
Los Angeles, Ca 90034
PH 310-845-9405

Alpine Valley School
4501 Parfet Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
PH 303/271-0525

Mountain Gardens Learning Center
P O Box 7724
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
Ph: 720-940-7910

Englewod Public School
Colordo's Finest Alternative High School

Mountain Gardens Learning Center
P O Box 7724
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
PH: 720/940-7910

Room To Grow
Early Education & Care
The REggio Emilia Aproach
405A Bantam Road, Litchfield, CT  06759
PH 860/567-8422
Fax 860 /567-8432

Mountain Laurel Sudbury School
147 West Main Street
New Britain, CT 06052
PH (860) 225-9700
e-mail: info@mountainlaurelsudburyorg

The Children's Tree Montessori School
96 Essex Road
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
PH 860-388-3536

Gardendale Elementary Magnet School
301 Grove Blvd.
Merritt Island, FL 32953
PH (407) 452-1411

The Blue Heart School
7315 First Ave. West
Bradenton, FL 34209
PH (941) 761-0644

School Indigo
1323 E. Sherman Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
PH (208) 765-1555
Donna Cork, Interim Director

Maharishi School-Age of Enlightenmnt
PH 515-472-9400
Fairfield, Iowa

Evergreen Sudbury School
Rt 1, Box 1265-L
Hallowell, Maine 04347

Liberty School
P.O. Box 857
South Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614
Ph: 207-374-2886

Fairhaven School
17900 Queen Anne Road
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774
Phone: 301/249-8060

35700 Twelve Mile Rd.
Farmington Hills, MI
Phone: 248/ 324-0692

Meadow Montessori School
1690 S. Raisinville Rd.
Monroe MI 48161
phone: 734/241-9496

Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge
High School for Leadership

100 Old North Branch Road
Antrim NH 03440
Phone: 603/588-0400

Teddy McArdle Free School
Essex County, New Jersey
Phone: 201/709-1470

Hudson Valley Sudbury School
84 Zena Road
Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: (845) 679-1002

The Garden Road School
138 Maple Street
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
Phone: (914) 827-0451

HeartLight School
76132 Blue Mountain School Road ·
4848 Dorr Street, Toledo, Ohio 43615
Call us at (419) 536-9970

Blue Mountain School
76132 Blue Mountain School Road ·
Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424
Phone: (541) 942.7764

The Northwest Academy
(..a new vision in Education)
1130 SW Main St.
Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone: (503) 223 3367

Upattinas School and Resource Center
429 Greenridge Road
Glenmoore Pennsylvania, 19343
(610) 458-5138

The Circle School
210 Oakleigh Avenue
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111

Brazos Valley Sudbury School
38110 Donigan Road
Brookshire, TX 77423
Phone: 832/721-3247

The Greenwood School
8646 Thunderbird Rd.
Austin, TX 7836

Brazos Valley Sudbury School
38110 Donigan Road
Brookshire, TX 77423
Phone: 281/375-7900

Kinder Haus
200 Noble St.
Spring , TX 77373
Phone: 281/907.6238

Red Cedar School
Box 393
Hardscrabble Road,
Bristol, Vermont 05443

Hearthstone School
PO Box 247
Sperryville, VA 22740

Discovery School
307 W. 4th Avenue
Spokane, WA
Phone: 509-838-0606

The Trillium School
PO Box 492
Indianola, WA 98342
Phone: (360) 297-3733

The Clearwater School
1510 196th St. SE
Bothell, WA 98012
Phone: (425) 489-2050

Pathfinder K-8 School
5012 SW Genesee St
Seattle, WA 98116
PH: 206/252-9710
Fax: 206/252-9711

The Happy Medium School
620 20th Ave.
S. Seattle, WA 98144
PH 206/324-4847

The New School @ Southshore
8825 Rainier AV S
Seattle, WA 98118
PH 206/252-6560

Claymont Children's School
Rt. 1 Box 229
Huyette Rd.
Charles Town, WV 25414

The Nysmith School
13625 EDS Drive
Herndon, Virginia 20171
Phone: (703) 713-3332

The Spiritual Renaissance Summer Camp
Chesapeake, VA


ALF - Aktives Lernen Favoriten
1100 Wien
PH 01 6893354

The Booroobin Sudbury Democratic Center of Learning
29-45 Skerman Lane,
Booroobin, Queensland, 4552, Australia
PH / FAX 011-61-07-5499-9944

Marbury School
PO Box 396
Stirling. SA 5152
Phone: (08) 8339 2400

Currambena Primary & Preschool
205 Longueville Road
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: (02) 9427 0644

Indigo Sudbury Campus
Site 4, Box 35, RR1
South Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6H 4N6
Tel: 780-929-6792

Wondertree Learning Center
4196 West 4th Ave.
Jericho Hill Centre
Vancouver, BC
Tel (604) 224-3663

The Froebel Education Centre
1576 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, ON L5C 1E5
PH 905/277-9371

The Open School
Victoria Office
2nd Floor, 1117 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T7
Phone (250) 953-7400

The Beach School
42 Edgewood Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4L 3H1
phone: (416)-693-0110

Myndavefur Hrafnagilsskólai
Phone: 463-1137/878-1603

Sands School
48 East Street
Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7AX

Suffolk, 1P16 4HY

Hero's Education Centre
c/o Camp Mohawk
Crazies Hill
Wargrave, Berkshire RG10 8PU

Rainbow Children's School
in Manchester


"Canaf" Democratic School
of Golan Heights

c/o Pini Vardy
Kibbutz Kfar Haruv
Golan Heights, Israel 12932



If you wish to add or make any corrections to the information
presented here, please e-mail your submission to:
Connie Okelberry