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Since you are now on the internet, the purpose of this page is to allow quick links to every web site that is mentioned (or referenced) in "The Indigo Children" book, as well as the E-mail contacts that are appropriate. Some contributors are listed here as well, duplicating the information on the "contributing authors" page (button to the left).
 Each link will be followed by a brief explanation, and the page will be indicated where it was mentioned. These web sites and E-mails are presented in page order, as they occurred in the book. Also, we should mention that almost any book referenced in "The Indigo Children" can be obtained on-line at

Updated May 2011

We do not guarantee that all links are still working. If you find corrections to the list below, please Email us at and we will correct them.



Book 1 Links

Hay House
The publisher of "The Indigo Children" book.

Nancy Tappe Book (2009 update) "Understanding Your Life Through Color" (page 5)
Web site:
to Purchase books from Nancy:
Nancy Tappe E-mail:
LOOK! Nancy's book is available again, as well as another one "Understanding your life Through Awareness"!

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. - (page 23)
Dr. Virtue's personal Web Site.

The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children (page 23)E-mail of the foundation, mentioned by Dr. Virtue.

Kathy McCloskey, Ph.D. - E-mail: (page 25)
Dr. McCloskey's E-mail

Debra Hegerle - unknown (page 32)

Robert Gerard, Ph.D. -
E-mail: contact@oughtenhouse (page 37)
Dr. Gerard's Oughten House web site and E-mail

Cathy Patterson - (page 77)
Ms. Patterson's personal E-mail

Jennifer Palmer -unknown (page 93)
(in Australia).

The Montessori Schools - (page 97)
The Web Site of the Montessori Schools. For additional information on all the Montessori Schools in the world, select the Progressive Schools button at the top of this page.

The Waldorf Schools - (page 99) or
The Web Sites of the Waldorf Schools. For additional information on all the Waldorf Schools in the world, select the Progressive Schools button at the top of this page.

The HeartMath System
(Planetary LLC Publihers) (page 101)
The site that presents the "HeartMath" process presented in
David McArthur's book, "The Intelligent Heart."

Joyce Seyburn - (page 104)
Ms. Seyburn's personal E-mail.

Melanie Melvin, Ph.D.

Joya Pinkham clark, Rev, D.D. -
E-mail: (page 142)
Phone 603-225-6438
Rev Pinkham's web site and personal E-mail.

CH.A.D.D. (Children with Attention Deficit Disorder) - (pages 145 and 155)
CH.A.D.D. organization mentioned by Rev. Pinkham.

Little Brown & Co. - (page 154)
Web site of the publisher for "The A.D.D. Book" by William Sears, M. D.

CH.A.D.D. (page 155) see above
CH.A.D.D. organization mentioned again. 

Keith Smith -(page 165) Herbalist-Iridologist
360 N. Midway, Suite 102
Escondido, CA 92027
(760) 489-6889

NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)
(page 165) Mr. Smith's web site reference to this organization.

Karen Eck -
Phone: 541-523-0494
(page 179) Ms. Eck's company web site, and her personal E-mail.

Nutri-Chem - (page 186)
Web site of Nutri-Chem, the organization mentioned by
Deborah Grossman, R.N.

Cell Tech - (page 189)
Web site of Cell Tech, the organization that sells Klamath Lake blue-green algae.

Distributor for Cell Tech - L.Askey:
Lynn Askey is one of many fine Cell Tech distributors
For more information, or to chat with Lynn about your Indigo, call (250) 342-6603

Magnetic Therapy - (page 190)
Web site of the publisher of the book "Magnetic Therapy,"
by Ron Lawrence, M.D.

Donna King - (page 191)
Ms. King's personal E-mail

Behavioral Physiology Institutes -
E-mail: (page 191)
Web site and E-mail of Behavioral Physiology Institutes,
the organization mentioned by Ms. King.

Kidwell Institute (Neurotherapy treatment) -
E-mail & website removed; unknown (page 191)
Kidwell Institute, mentioned by Ms. King for Neurotherapy.

Karen Bolesky - E-Mail: unknown (page 193)
Personal E-mail for Ms. Bolesky.

Ranae Johnson, Ph.D. -
E-mail: (page 196)
Web site mention by Dr. Johnson for Rapid Eye Institute, and her personal E-mail

Steve and Peggy Dubro -
E-mail: (page 199)
Web site of EMF Balancing Technique, and personal E-mail for Steve and Peggy Dubro.

Ryan Maluski - E-mail: (page 201)
Personal E-mail for Mr.Maluski

Candice Creelman - E-mail: unknown (page 212)
Personal E-mail for Ms. Creelman.

Jan Tober and Lee Carroll - E-mail: (pages 219-224)
Office E-mail for Jan Tober and Lee Carroll. 



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